Africa’s kingdoms find place on A-level course | The Voice Online

Dr Toby Green, from Kings College London, said: “It will give students from all backgrounds an important basis of understanding of African histories, and the ways they have interacted with other histories for a long period of time.“This will deepen our understanding of both Africans and people of African descent among all communities.”Secondary school history teacher Sharon Yemoh agreed that it is “a really positive development” and one that is long overdue.She told The Voice: “A recent study shows that history is one of the least popular subjects among black students. Maybe if the content was more related to them they will be more interested in the subject.“Ultimately, I think black history studies will have a massive impact on what they go on to do in university and creating more academics who are focused on black studies.”


via Africa’s kingdoms find place on A-level course | The Voice Online.

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