Mapuche in Germany and the Netherlands have started a hunger strike

El Pueblo Mapuche en Chile

Mapuche in Germany and the Netherlands have started a hunger strike in support of Mapuche political prisoners in Chile. Through this public statement from Europe, we announce the decision to join the hunger strike that Luis Humberto Marileo, Cristian Pablo LevinaoMelinao, Leonardo Quijon Pereira, Cristian Curinao Catrileo and the Machi Celestino Córdova are leading from the Angol and Temuco jails, Chile, all of them being Mapuche political prisoners.

With this hunger strike we want to express our solidarity with Mapuche political prisoners in Chile and denounce the actions of the Chilean authorities, so that the State anti-terrorism law be finally abrogated. This law is still enforced and serves as a tool of political repression against Mapuche

communities. Consequently, we support the following demands:

–  The immediate transfer of the political prisoners to the Centro de Educación y Trabajo (CET) in Angol, noting that this request was granted and signed in…

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