Ron Paul Paper Trail – The Newsletters


(Since its initial posting, this post has been edited for reasons of style and to add additional newsletter links; the edit with regards to the MLK votes is due to information taken from this post by Mr. Ta-Nehisi Coates.)

For a while, I’ve wanted to look in-depth at presidential candidate Ron Paul’s old newsletters. These were a series of newsletters he published on a monthly basis from 1978 on. It was James Kirchick in the New Republic, who did the seminal work on this subject in “Angry White Man” pointing out the often virulent content, with bile tossed at many, including gays, jews, as well as most viciously, black men and women

I am grateful for Mr. Kirchick’s hard work in this area, without which the my next few postings here would not be possible. His efforts are a marked contrast to what appears to be a rather surprising lack…

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