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[A.S.I.A. Journal by Saladin Quanaah’ Allah]
We are pro-righteous and anti-devilishment, regardless of a person’s skin color, ethnicity, religion or nationality. If any member of our human family has the willingness to learn to be righteous, we help provide them with the education and tools to do it. This does not mean that they need to become a Five Percenter. This means that if this person needs to be referred to a drug clinic or alcohol detox program, that’s where we will refer them.

If they need resources for parenting support or academic assistance, that’s what we will connect them with. If they’re striving to find employment to become more self sufficient, we assist them with that too. The bottom line is that we utilize what we learn to be better and a positive resource to others. In turn, others can be empowered to assist others. This is all distilled into our simple phrase “Each one, Teach one.” Some of us even carry this phrase further by saying “Each one, Teach nine.”


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