Conspiracy Theory In America, a book review by Larry Hancock and Jim DiEugenio for CTKA

Like many of us, deHaven-Smith was shocked that there was no criminal inquiry into this naked power play by the Bush family and their accessory Katherine Harris. Neither the Justice Department nor the MSM ever launched serious investigations into whether or not there was any kind of planned and concerted effort to preempt the democratic process by depriving people of their civil rights. We know today what the price was in not exercising any kind of due diligence. For the presidency of George W. Bush was one of the worst in history. Beginning with a healthy surplus in the treasury, it almost immediately evaporated that with more of the discredited “trickle down” economics, which really should be called trickle up. It then orchestrated a completely manufactured war which needlessly killed thousands of Americans, and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis. It culminated with a double economic crash in the real estate market and the stock market, the combination of which provoked the most devastating financial debacle since 1929. America has still not recovered from those three events. Which all began with a stolen election. Perhaps nothing illustrates to better effect the price of living in a country where high crimes and misdemeanors have become almost SOP since 1963. And perhaps nothing illustrates more dramatically just what the price of that accommodation has become for the general populace.


via Conspiracy Theory In America, a book review by Larry Hancock and Jim DiEugenio for CTKA.

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