The Olmec Mystery


The first advanced civilization in Mesoamerica was the Olmec (1) civilization. It´s carriers introduced writing and monumental buildings into the region. It obviously made all the following civilizations possible. It boasted among many other things with monumental stone heads, and there lies a special mystery.

Monumental Stone Heads, “Red Indian”?


Those heads, helmeted, more than three meters high, do not all appear like the majority of the pre-Columbian inhabitants of the Americas. They have the appearance of black people also in contrast to the typical small Olmec statuettes. The creators of those heads where obviously by far too skilled to have created the result by incident. They must have seen persons of this type though there are some of the heads appearing like less skilled copies of the naturalistic ones.

But there are more hints of contacts via the Atlantic as well as via the Pacific (2). The German…

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