We don’t need a TV show about looting Nazi battlefields

Digs and Docs

ONE-9626_300 Nazis make everything worse, even relic hunting looting-for-profit TV programs disguised as actual archaeology.

The National Geographic Channel International (the U.S. version of which previously brought us the program Diggers) has greenlighted a show called, no kidding, Nazi War Diggers, which it, apparently un-ironically, refers to as a ‘factual series.’

The press surrounding the program is revealing. Let’s take a look at the “team” the National Geographic Channel International network has assembled (quoted from this post here):

Nazi War Diggers was shot in Poland and the Baltics and stars former U.S. Marine Craig Gottlieb; military expert Stephen Taylor; gadget guy Kris Rodgers; and Polish metal detectorist Adrian Kostromski.

A Marine, a “military expert,” a “gadget guy,” and a metal detectorist. All of those can be excellent occupations, and all of those occupations can be filled with people who have a deep knowledge of and respect for…

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