Are black people homophobic? | The Voice Online

We existed before the British brought us their bibles and before Islam brought us Mohammed. Homosexuality is as much a part of black history and culture as are seasoning food, storytelling, braiding hair, multilingualism and art. Secondly, the recent homophobic legislations of Uganda and Nigeria are not influenced by any traditional African values, religions or ideologies. Instead, they stem from colonial brainwashing and indoctrination brought by Western imperialism and modern religion. These governments proclaim that homosexuality is Western, ‘evil’, and ‘unnatural’ yet they continue to consult evangelical churches and multinational companies on how their countries should be run. Lastly, the general silence and erasure of black LGBT people within the media and popular culture fuels this stereotype of black people as homophobic.Mainstream hip-hop and dancehall are known to produce homophobic content and although the artists are black, the music industry is still largely owned and controlled by white men. Until we tell our own stories this harmful and ignorant stereotyping will continue to exist.


via Are black people homophobic? | The Voice Online.

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