Cabral: Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victories…


Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victories (1965), by Amilcar Cabral, is a gem of revolutionary sayings. Often quoted by many South Africans and activists worldwide, but rarely read in its entirety. For this reason, we have typed it up, dusted it off the shelves and reproduced here for your study.

I read this essay first from Revolutionary Thought in the Twentieth Century which was compiled and edited by Ben Turok, and it remains a personal and political inspiration. Cabral was a revolutionary leader of PAIGC in the movement in Guinea-Bissau. As an Agronomist he used his access to learn and develop strategies for national liberation.

Cabral ironically (or is it more correct to say polemically (?)) says that we are not fighting for ideas, but for material goods, and to live better and in peace — words loaded in ideas not only in the head but for the heart…

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