Freedom Rider: Modern Day Lynching | Black Agenda Report

In recent months, there has been a spate of killings and assaults on black people committed by white people whose actions are obviously based on race hatred. In West Virginia, Garrick Hopkins had the bad luck to purchase property next door to the ironically named Rodney Black, a white man with a cache of guns in his home. Black claimed that he thought he was being burglarized by the Garrick brothers, but that is beside the point. He saw two black faces and, while in a state of psychotic auto-pilot, killed them both.In Michigan McKenzie Cochran was killed in broad daylight and on video tape by mall cops. They killed him with pepper spray and chest compression as he screamed that he couldn’t breathe. Charda Gregory is still alive but only after surviving a brutal assault in a police station, also in Michigan. After Gregory was arrested, physically restrained, and pepper sprayed, a white female police officer felt the need to add insult to injury and hack off the victim’s sewn-in weave and her hair. Gregory has had some satisfaction in seeing the officer fired after the assault, but the fact that the cop believed herself immune from prosecution while under constant video surveillance says quite a bit about the criminal justice system.


via Freedom Rider: Modern Day Lynching | Black Agenda Report.

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