Black Nationalist Martin R. Delany Died On This Date In 1885

Delany and his siblings learned to read and write at a young age, using a book given to them by a stranger. Educating Blacks was seen as a crime in Virginia, and after authorities discovered the book, Pati fled north with her children to Pennsylvania without their father.Samuel would later buy his freedom and join his family in Chambersburg. As he grew, Delany attended school intermittently and worked to help his family. At age 19, he moved to the big city of Pittsburgh to find his way.Delany married Catherine A. Richards, the daughter of a successful businessman. The couple bore 11 children, with just seven surviving into adulthood. Delany entered Jefferson College and also became deeply involved in church activities. His fortunes would drastically change, though, when in 1833, a cholera epidemic seized the nation: Delany became an apprentice to abolitionist doctors to help treat the disease using old techniques of “fire cupping” and “leeching.”Even though he would go on to open his own dentistry and leeching practice to acclaim from his mentors, Martin R. Delany was largely rejected by prominent medical schools because of racism.He finally was admitted to Harvard in 1849, one of the first three Black men to ever enter the hallowed institution’s halls. Delany’s presence caused a huge stir, and he had to leave the school after a few months. This instance fueled his anger toward the White ruling class and formed the basis of his book “The Condition, Elevation, Emigration, and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States, Politically Considered” 1852.


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