4th World Radyo: Black Relationships, Black Unity and Social Change

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Summary 4th World Radyo Exclusive:  —  The first part of the show has TheAngryindian saying more about the Renisha McBride case and the not so surprising return of George Zimmerman to the news headlines in another case of abuse.  —   The second part of this dispatch features an open-ended, strongly Afrocentric discussion between TheAngryindian and Twitter activists American African educator Ms. Nah’eela (a.k.a. @PostRacialMyAss) and Franz Fanon political theorist Mr. Malichi Daniels (a.k.a. @Fanonian).

The discourse begins with the changing, socio-cultural dynamics taking place within the African Diaspora and expands from there0..

  • Is there an actual dysfunctional relationship between African males and females outside of the colonial paradigm?
  • Has interracial marriage served to solve racism or has it led to the destruction of the minority family and community/national cohesiveness in the Americas?
  • Is the ‘Angry Black Woman’ a racist stereotype, or it a symptom…

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