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\”Clarence Thomas\’ life was formed in a situation in which he saw only parts of things, apparently, by going to Catholic schools. He grew up in a poor family, but being separated from his family in boarding schools or in other environments allowed him to see only some aspects and to think negatively of much of that family background\” Dr. Morris said .Ironically before his Ivy League education and before all of his presidential nominations to prestigious offices, Thomas, like many other black people, considered himself a liberal.After graduating, Thomas went on to attend the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Missouri, but the extreme racism he endured there compelled him to abandon his goals of being a priest and leave shortly after his arrival. He later attended Holy Cross where Thomas supported the Black Panther Party and also helped organized a student walkout protesting investments in South Africa. Thomas was accepted into Yale University Law School through its affirmative action program.It is hard for many to conceive that a stern opponent of affirmative action was once a supporter of the Black Panther Party. It\’s even harder to explain why Thomas, a beneficiary of affirmative action would oppose programs responsible for his success. Sophomore political science Major Nyron Crawford said \”I\’ve always heard that when people are younger they tend to be more idealistic and liberal, and as they get older and encounter different experiences they tend to become more conservative. President Reagan offered Clarence Thomas his first government job as Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in the Department of Education. Thomas was soon promoted to lead the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as its Chairman. Under Thomas\’s leadership, the EEOC made it harder for minorities to prove discrimination in the workplace.  Civil rights activists sharply criticized Thomas for these changes.


via Spotlight: Clarence Thomas – Nation & World – The Hilltop – The Student Newspaper of Howard University.

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