Obsessions with Blackness or Black-face?

Joshua Lawrence Lazard

Trayvon blackface

Within the past ten years, as the prevalence of social media was ascending, it provided a unique opportunity for America to look into the secret closets of middle and upper class white American youth.  A small peak into the closets revealed skeletons of the worse regard: this demographic, often enrolled in top-tier colleges were dressing in blackface at campus parties.  These parties over the years have been hosted by all-white enclaves and what’s happened is that it gets posted on a social networking site–and goes viral.

I’ve yet to figure out just exactly what has been the purpose of blackface throughout the years.  There’s a myriad of writings that have attempted to get at the root of a culture norm that states this is socially acceptable.  Be it under the guise of minstrel shows of the 19th and early 20th century to now with college aged students painting their faces…

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