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And in South Africa, Uganda, and other parts of Africa in HIV/AIDS crisis, men still troll the country looking for virgins to rape, convinced this will cure them of the disease. And in Mexico and too many other parts of the world, the patriarchy is so controlling that female subservience and wife beating is considered normal and right; it is considered culture and not a crime.

And in Yemen, after the story of an eight-year old girl who died of “wedding night injuries” inflicted by the forty-year old man she had been “married” to was leaked to the press and an international outrage began, Yemen authorities are denying it ever happened. This is after another eleven-year old girl fled the country to escape a forced marriage to a man also much much older than her. Reports the United Nations in the London-based Telegraph: “One in three girls in developing countries will be married before the age of eighteen,” most to men more than three times their age. The physical damage of being forced to have sex before their bodies are fully developed will scar these girls for life. But I wonder, too, about the emotional damage. I wonder if their bodies will ever heal enough to have children. I wonder how, in 2013, is this kind of violence against women and girls still possible?

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