#Elsipogtog In Solidarity with Mi’kmaq Nations




Today I felt emotionally drained as I watched the events unfold in New Brunswick. It’s a shame that men, women and children armed with drums and eagle feathers were met with tear gas and showered with rubber bullets. I am sending prayers to the families and warriors that stood their ground today, I can only imagine how scary it must have been to have snipers, RCMP and military approach with guns drawn. (I don’t think that setting the cruisers on fire was a very smart idea, it did nothing but escalate the situation and take attention away from the real issues at hand).

I went to our local rally to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters holding the frontlines at these blockades, protecting our lands and waters. It has been a whirlwind year of protesting and debate, leading to racism and ignorance, but also leading to the…

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  2. […] #Elsipogtog In Solidarity with Mi’kmaq Nations (aboriginalwriter.wordpress.com) […]

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