VIDEO of Taser Torture Death of Deacon Frederick Williams After Epileptic Seizure Ambulance Call

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the death of Deacon Fredrick Williams

via YouTube – DeaconWilliamsAbuseVideo.mp4.

Acceptable Use of Torture in the US    June 23, 2009
The use of electric shock as a method of torture was first documented in Nazi, Germany, but today it is still used as an acceptable use of torture in the United States.
In Gwinnett County, Georgia, an un-edited police videotape shows 31-year-old Deacon Frederick Williams being struck with a TASER five times in 43 seconds, just 4 minutes after being led into the jail. He was handcuffed behind his back and in leg restraints, following an epileptic seizure at his home; an ambulance was called by his wife and son, but the police arrived first. His last words were: “Don’t kill me, man. Don’t kill me.”
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