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Columnist David Sirota wrote a piece in comparing President Obama’s militaristic foreign policy to George Zimmerman’s vigilantism. He argued that both men saw themselves as above the law, believed they had the right to kill whoever they want, and racially-profiled and automatically assumed the guilt of their victims. Obama’s drones kill brown-skinned Muslims, while George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African-American teenager.Sirota’s argument was legitimate and one I agree with. Black people in America are extra-judicially killed by police in the same way that brown-skinned Muslims in places like Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia are extra-judicially killed by drone strikes, other weapons, or raids by special operations forces. This is also motivated by a similar racist ideology that dehumanizes the lives of African-Americans and brown-skinned Muslims, thereby, making them open season for American firepower. The nationalities of the victims are different. Different parts of the state do the killing — military overseas, police domestically. But African-Americans and non-American, brown-skinned Muslims are both on the receiving end of the same oppressive practice — extra-judicial killing. That’s an example of institutional racism.


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