“Ndn hair”

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I travel back and forth to my home Rez just about every other day. It’s a 45 minute commute and I get the pleasure of seeing the beautiful rolling hills of my ancestral homelands on this drive.

A couple days ago a relative commented on my hair asking where my “Ndn hair” went? They were referring to my ombré hair coloring and how it used to be “long and black, now it’s… *pause* different.”

As I thought about that more I realized some of us have hair colored red, some green, some blue, some blond, some black, and some gray.

What I thought more about was the meaning and spirit behind hair. For Natives it seems long hair is thee signifying qualifier. As if long hair is the way to somehow become or be more Native. Coming from a large family where styles and lengths vary, I had to go…

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