Reshard J. Alexander, Esq: Why African Americans Fail in Identity-Based Politics | Black Blue Dog

The crux lies in understanding that African-American leaders and think tanks should be formulating agendas that restore control of one’s destiny to the local neighborhoods and attempt to make whole segments of the population that had the economic rug pulled from under them. Additionally, we must understand that the changes African-Americans advocate for in our community often positively affect other coalition-based identity groups as well so we should demand that others support us in developing cultural programs such as mandatory foreign language assistance, assisting us in acquiring dual citizenship in other countries, and preparing us for international business.Therefore, the question must also be addressed as to whether or not the plight of many working class African-Americans rest in the mass incarceration of young men in our community or the lack of African-American ownership in U.S. industrial development not simply entertainment, sports, or the resale of wholesale goods, access to startup business capital, and job opportunities within our own communities?If African-American leaders and organizations are willing to champion the right for undocumented immigrants and families to become U.S. citizens and receive all the benefits that accompany being a possible dual citizen a distinct advantage that will only expand as globalization takes on even more importance in the coming age or LGBT families to receive the same protections against discrimination as African-Americans and others, then we must learn to collectively bargain for the same advantages that others have so that we can compete economically in the globalized modern era. Simply marching to end gun violence, legalizing marijuana, or cheering for our favorite politician will not provide African-Americans with the tools that are necessary to thrive in the United States.


via Reshard J. Alexander, Esq: Why African Americans Fail in Identity-Based Politics | Black Blue Dog.

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