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On an average day 10 years ago I would wake up and greet everyone I meet in the morning, share a tea break piled on a table with friends, do the same for lunch and then have an emotional set off home after wishing everyone a good night.Once home there would be a shared family dinner, television time as a family and we would get the news among other communal activities.But that was before the advent of smartphones and social media. In fact, just how much more social does social media make us?In the morning I post a greetings status on my Facebook page as well as my Twitter account and imagine everyone should be satisfied on reading my post, however to my surprise not even a single person bothers to respond. At the best I get a ‘like’.From there I contact everyone sharing their birthday that particular day with a post on their wall, sometimes with the acronym HBD which is supposed to show my emotional expression. A smiley if someone is special.I do not buy a newspaper anymore. Various news sites’ timelines on Twitter allows me to make a judgement based on a condensed 140 character post that tells me whether to continue reading or not.

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  1. OV”: Why smartphones, tablets threaten the African culture | Neo-Griot.”……..

    umhh…. not sure why question only Africa when the rest of the world is completely swallowed by all this……….

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