Ben Jealous Resigns From NAACP —

In the midst of the acclaim, there were a few public and not so public problems during the Jealous Presidency. In 2010 he accepted blame for quickly denouncing the statements by former black Georgia Agriculture employee Shirley Sherrod at a Freedom Fund Dinner. On videotape, Sherrod said she withheld the “full force” of her position because a white farmer requesting her help was acting superior. The full 43-minute tape showed her comments were part of a racial redemption story and that her words were taken out of context in a report by the late Andrew Brietbart. After reviewing the entire tape, the NAACP retracted its original statement after Sherrod resigned.Also during his time at the NAACP there were detractors. Jealous has received threats on his life. Dr. Amos Brown says there are those who may not support his efforts on Voter Suppression, Marriage Equality, Troy Davis, and the pursuit of federal charges against George Zimmernan in the Trayvon Martin death. Jealous confirms since the age of 21 he began receiving death threats while working in civil rights advocacy in Mississippi. He believes some of those threats were in retaliation to the delay in justice for White Supremacist Byron De La Beckwith. In 1994 De La Beckwith was sentenced to prison for the murder of civil rights leader Medgar Evers in 1963. Also, as a student organizer, Jealous was placed in a safe house because of death threats for his work. Brown spoke on the most recent threats against Jealous LISTEN:


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