BBC News – George Lowen: From refugee to black rights champion

He was presumably unaware of the activity at the gates, the coming-and-going, the hum of satellite dishes as television reports were filed.Inside the Pretoria hospital, for almost three months he lay, an ailing Nelson Mandela who few expected to emerge.But he has to be cared for at home, still critical but, by all accounts, peaceful.Before his release, I visited the hospital to read the messages of love for the 95-year-old former president – a man who fought the scourge of apartheid, who led South Africa to democracy and whose lack of rancour after 27 years in prison has practically made him a living saint.Outside was a young man from the northern province of Limpopo. “I am studying, I am free because of him,” said Jacob, his smile as warm as that midday sun.As I left, I shook his hand. He held my palm and laughed. “This is the first time that I have had a white hand in mine,” he said.


via BBC News – George Lowen: From refugee to black rights champion.

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