Black Arab mythology

In Serbian mythology and in Bulgarian mythology, Black Arab Serbian: Црни Арапин, Crni Arapin, Bulgarian: Църен Арапин, Черен Арапин is a designation for Arabs and black people.[1] The Black Arab is often depicted as a dark-tanned ruffian who kidnaps women and girls.[1] In Serbian folklore, as well as in the beliefs of other Balkan peoples, the Arab is a chthonic demon, a replacement for the devil.[1] Some authors compare it with Slavic Triglav.[1]In a story of Serb folklore, an Arab, after being slain in battle, escapes while carrying his head in his arm. Some other tales and folk songs have the character of a three-headed Arab.[1]In Bulgarian folklore, notable national heroes such as Sider Voevoda or Strahil Voevoda fight Black Arab.

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