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Like the aforementioned works, co-authors Sibo Kanobana and Kathleen Ghequière aim to provide a free space for mostly unknown testimonies of two dozen mixed-race Congolese.From Kano: “They were all people born during colonization from one black and one white parent. Some of them grew up in their families but most of them weren’t recognized by their fathers and were taken away from their mothers at a very young age. The colonial authority separated these children from their mothers to raise them in schools only for ‘mulatto children’. At independence, the colonial authorities decided to deport the younger ones between 2 and 16 years old to Belgium to be adopted into Belgian families. The circumstances are still unknown, which children were sent over and why is still a mystery. Even the exact number of children deported is hard to tell.” In order to get a better sense of the scale, I considered the findings on the mixed-race issue from “The Memory of the Congo: The Colonial Era,” a selection of exhibition texts under the scientific direction of Jean-Luc Vellu:

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