The Cancer of Racism Thrives in America | Chris Williams

As a young African-American man living in the south, it made me pause and realize that this ruling can give anyone the opportunity to take my life whenever they feel threatened because of my skin color or how I walk, talk or dress. What is a black life worth? The answer was already abundantly clear from history, but those six jurors confirmed our deepest, darkest suspicions.

Since arriving on the shores of Jamestown, Virginia in 1619, African-Americans have been convicted in the court of white supremacy as being less than human. Our hellacious suffering provided whites the capital to build a country based on the principles of white hegemony. African-Americans were never part of their equation other than providing a consistent source of free labor. When the founding fathers were writing the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, they couldn’t fathom the humanity of their slaves and their offspring. For 394 years, we’ve been America’s doormat and punching bag.

The cancer of racism thrives in America because the ones with the power refuse to acknowledge minorities as their equals. Race was devised as a social construct in order for whites to establish and maintain their dominance in political and economic affairs in America. The truth is we’ve been living in two Americas based on race and class. The United States of America is in name only. If we were truly united, African-Americans wouldn’t have to endure systematic subjugation and degradation on a daily basis.

via The Cancer of Racism Thrives in America | Chris Williams.


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