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In my first year of university, as part of my legal studies I was required to select an elective non-legal subject. Walking into the Arts and Humanities department of my university I simply chose the class everyone else insisted was the “easiest”; “Gender and diversity”. Apparently it required you to have a lot of discussion and reading was not compulsory but a strong opinion on every and all topics was. At the time I was somewhat of a timid girl and I thought this subject would help me be a little more vocal. What was a by-the-way subject ended up being one of my favourites.

Lectures and tutorials centered around topics such as ecological feminism, women’s writing and feminist literary criticism, colonial and post-colonial discourses, women and popular culture, feminist criminology and legal studies, gender and education, feminist socio-legal history and gender and race in Africa. My only complaint was the lack of African feminist writing. A Google search brought up anemic results, mostly out of date or obscure enough that I was left to write my final paper on African feminist thought based on the multitude of papers written by white feminists or the writing of a few African-American feminists.

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