Ise Lyfe: Kicking Black Boys Out of Class, Teaching Black Girls a Lesson

Of course, it isn’t fair to pin these generalizations on every Black boy at the school, but it is applicable to a large enough majority of them to have a general expectation that is unfair, racist, and detrimental to their development — yet tragically accurate.

Their state of ill-behavior and inability to perform academically is not their fault though. These boys have been birthed into a community under the boot of centuries of oppression and deliberate assault by it’s government. Toppled with a cocktail of horrible or non-existent parenting and dangerous neighborhoods, they are in a state of subconscious and conscious trauma. This trauma manifests in their behavior and is greatly misunderstood and not acknowledged by the school system that measures and judges them.

Black boys under the age of 12 are constantly being removed from class and even arrested for non-violent acts of defiance, all in plain view of their classmates. The Southern Poverty Law Center released a study in 2010 that revealed that in a national sample of more than 9,000 middle schools, 28.3 percent of black males, on average, were suspended at least once during a school year, nearly three times the 10 percent rate for white males. Black females were suspended more than four times as often as white females (18 percent vs. 4 percent).

During the academic school year of 2011/2012, Black boys in the Oakland Unified School District (Oakland, CA) made up 43 percent of the suspensions district wide, according to research reported by Chris Chatmon, Executive Officer of the African-American Male Achievement Office for Oakland Schools. This is an appalling figure seeing how Black boys only make up 17 percent of the district population. Mr. Chatmon encourages a focus on the positive…

via Ise Lyfe: Kicking Black Boys Out of Class, Teaching Black Girls a Lesson.


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