Black Faces, White Masks and the Rise of Black Self-Colonialist Hostility Against Pan-African Political Clarity



kola_boof_-_StartPage_by_Ixqui2016-04-14_09-01-20The popular belief amongst many people in the Americas suggests that it is virtually impossible for People of Colour to work against other POC’s. This is a dangerous myth. And it is time to address the issue.

Colonialism does not work on its own. It needs the help of the victim. Tibetan traitors helped the Chinese state monopolise the ancient kingdom’s traditional theocracy. South African Apartheid was buoyed by Black Indigenous support in the South African Police (SAP). And the same can be said for Indigenous America since it was the reality of pre-existing First Nations rivalries that were exacerbated by ‘Divide and Conquer’ tactics that made European colonialism possible. And after the shock of the Obama election, opportunistic far right US conservatives such as Allen West, Herman Cain and Michael Steele just to name a few came forward to prove that their Blackness has a price.

In their efforts to counteract the ‘Obama Effect’, the GOP scrambled to assemble a team of Negroes to play racial equivalence games against the Democrat Party in the media while the pundits of the ‘Legitimate Rape’ party insult the first Black president and his family without remorse. And more than a few Black conservatives have answered the call only to stand silent then the formerly abolitionist GOP began perpetuating Reagan-era rhetoric to bring back the political climate of the Old South and the politics of the original Democrat Party. Frederick Douglass must be turning in his grave.

Not one of the perpetually grinning Negroes I have named has ever said a word about GOP ethnic bias, racial-profiling or the American crisis of anti-minority police brutality. Not a one. But they will go to bat to defend the State of Israel, the same country where people recently conducted a mass attack on African immigrants under the excuse that Ethiopian males are only in the country to anally-rape Ashkenazim women and commit violent crimes.

So again, the idea that the ‘Self-Hating Jew’ exists and that the ‘Self-Hating Negro’ does not is patently absurd. The lack of integrity seen in modern Black Republicans as opposed to the emancipated Africans who voted GOP in the far flung political past proves this empirically. And when it comes to foreign-born POC’s, it is also not uncommon to find people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Kola Boof who are more than willing to not just make the argument for White American racism, but to practice it themselves.


he point of all this? I’ll simply cut to the chase. Whenever the subjects of African self-colonialism and capitalist propaganda in Africa are raised, so is the name of Kola Boof. Rightly or wrongly. By now most news junkies are well aware of her name and media persona, but how many are aware of her utter hypocrisy when it comes to surly ethnic discrimination? If you make the mistake of simply mentioning articles or editorials that question her ethics or directly challenge her stories about bin-Laden, you can expect her fans to pile on you like a pack of Republican attack trolls during feeding time at the zoo. Hence, the explanation for this commentary. If people are going to jump to conclusions that don’t conclude because a legitimate political question is asked we all have a very serious problem in a world always teetering on conflict. And Africans globally had better start worrying about their own welfare and how we are going to survive this century. One good first step is to begin to identify and call-out those in the pan-African political sphere who do not represent the interests and well-being of all Africans in the Diaspora. This does not mean or suggest the public invective-flogging of individuals with personal insults and mockery, but it does mean telling the plain truth about those who support negativity against us purely on the basis of ‘race’. And we should always take note of who their political friends are and why. Ms. Boof’s political supporters are a queer mix of rightfully angry Black women, paranoid Islamophobes and right-wing Zionist zealots seeking a Black veil for their anti-Arab hatred. A collective that one would think professional sociologists would want to investigate due to its paradoxical dynamics.

And in light of what is happening in the US in terms of visible White angst, its foolish to ignore the phenomenon.

screen_2016-04-14_10-09-50The Black and Brown people who give conservative efforts media cover serve a purpose. Ms. Boof has a loyal legion of ditto-heads who seemingly refuse to critique her personal integrity and regard any questioning of her eccentric antics in the media as an insult to all Black/African women. This is about as cock-eyed as the popular hint that argues any and all objective criticism of the State of Israel’s policies is the same as criticising every Jew everywhere in the world. It’s nonsense. And it purposefully muddies the public’s perception of who is really being exploited and for who’s material and territorial benefit in the long run.

Despite her good work highlighting human rights abuses and forced Arabisation in Sudan, she is a difficult person to deal with when you do not think the way she does. And I am not the only Person-of-Colour to feel the shadow of her wrath over political differences. As you will read below, she makes the baseless allegation that as an US-based Indigenous activist that I have no concern for continental African cases of misogynist violence. And she does so in a manner becoming of an American Ku Klux Klansman hopelessly pig-eyed on poorly crafted moonshine.

For her to suggest that I do not support human rights for women in Africa is a statement of ignorance. I say this because if she has ever bothered to review any of my work she would have known that the Aboriginal Press News Service and the Aboriginal News Group does indeed cover these issues as the disgusting human rights abuses that they are. We address political malfeasance left, right and centre, Black, White, capitalist, communist and otherwise. What we will not do is accept the institutionalist Europocentric bollocks of the White, male supremacist power structure and their bought and paid for media manipulations. Especially when they are blatantly misleading and false.

screen_2016-04-14_09-41-51If African poverty, approved dictators and systemic violence against women truly mattered to the egotistical, Christian capitalist West, it would openly address how anti-African racism has and continues to justify what Europeans, Asians and Arabs all do to rob the Motherland and its Peoples of her riches and self respect. In fact, if they would work to cease the abuse of women in their own military, I’d take US claims of concern for African women seriously. But I don’t. I have yet to see her critique traditional White racism and the human rights abuses against American Africans in West in the fashion that she dealt with me during our conversation. And I do not expect to read anything like from her at any time in the foreseeable future either. Why? Because self-serving African propagandists, no matter where they are in the Diaspora, will never bite the hands that feed them. And they will gleefully sell out their own people and others for a fistful of gold and a paternalistic pat on the head from an alabaster-skinned, diamond-blanketed hand not unlike a puppy pleading for a leftover bone.

At the end of the day, all Africans everywhere must ask themselves who really respects them and their struggles and who does not. And fools that think skin-colour is an accurate barometer for human and social justice are sadly mistaken. Read your history: Idi Amin was Black, so where the men who assassinated Patrice Émery Lumumba on behalf of European capitalists. Former leftist Mugabe is a Black African leader who has decided to defend African ‘culture’ by adopting bigoted evangelical White Christian ideas about Homophobia and ‘Witchcraft’. Ideas which are seriously harming Indigenous Peoples in the masses. And finally, Barack Obama is Black too, he also won the Nobel Peace Prize and his administration has expanded the paramilitary landscape of Pax Americana in an already frightened Mother Africa. Even the South African ANC government just recently found itself having to explain why their police shot to death a group of protesters in Marikana just like the SAP used to do back in the old days. These are all African people and all doing exactly what Europeans and Arabs have been doing to Black Africa for centuries.

ixquick-proxy.com_2017-01-07_14-23-07.pngSo race, (a stupid concept in and of itself) cannot and should not be used to judge a person’s cultural /ethnic allegiances, their morality or their political clarity. Noticing the quality of their efforts towards intelligently and peacefully finding solutions to the problems that all African Peoples face with a focus on dignity everywhere for everyone however, is quite reliable. And this is how I evaluate, not judge personally, other African activists. And in my estimation, this is not the behaviour of a person personally committed to universal human rights and social justice. In fact, it seems to be the personality of someone who believes that is is ‘correct’, advantageous and profitable to struggle against those who would challenge the extant power structure. Provided that is, that they can manage to wiggle themselves into the ‘in’ crowd by stepping over the ‘out’ crowd.

Well, that’s my perspective on this unfortunately tawdry subject. For what’s it’s worth. I was perfectly willing to converse with Ms. Boof amicably but she made that impossible. And since her devoted fans do not think I am being fair by posting Boof-news material as it relates to African self-colonialism, read on. The thread pasted below is culled from a brief and painfully abusive encounter with her on Twitter some time back that I saved for personal posterity. I did not note, nor do I remember, the date of the discussion. Mostly because I never thought I would ever use it for anything other than my own research. I kept it only because wanted to review it to identify where her animosity was coming from and apparently, she simply did not care at all for my support of Indigenous Palestinian human and territorial rights.

She clearly has a problem with Arabs. Obviously. And like a true Likudnik, she saw that alone to be a rational justification for mis-characterizing my political position and for insulting me racially which displayed that she does not like Native American Peoples either. Not to mention her decision to rudely berate anyone else who did not agree with her as being anti-Israel, anti-female and anti-Black all at the same time.

The thread is laid out here unedited, (copied from my end of the feed) and is admittedly lacking my comments and responses to her before I finally blocked her. But Twitter is forever and suffice it to say, I can’t think of anything that I or anyone else could have said that evening that would have justified such a hateful response. The reactionary involvement of one of her like-minded followers also says much about the lack of authentic sociopolitical unity amongst Africans and the disappearance of respectful communication within the African Diaspora. In fact, we just saw a combination of these factors go down in Libya as of late, no?

If the Jewish community isn’t expected to accept those of their demographic that stand politically against them as a group, Africans should not be expected to think any differently with an equally reasonable concern for our own political and intellectual welfare and longevity. We have no time for those who wish to reside in the master’s house at our expense. It is past time for us to build our own political houses, independent of the negative ideas and residual clutter of the colonialist past and present to see over the blood, disease, despair and muck that Africa does have a future. If we, meaning African people, not just Black people, really want it.

That which has kept us asleep will dissipate, once we truly begin to understand why we are a dormant people and how we have been manipulated through our dreams. And why.


Via Twitter: all posts are Ms. Boof’s except where noted – –

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