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On this Dispatch: TheAngryindian speaks on the present state of Black radicalism and the racist ridiculousness of neoconservative theories circulating within the Afrocentrism movement. Afrocentrism, especially in North America, is ridiculed by the Europocentric academic establishment as a joke. Chiefly because of institutional racism against Africans by Europeans, but…

No, there’s nothing wrong when persons of different races and cultures enjoy cultures of other groups. The problem is when the new consumer of the style wants to claim their new found love of another culture as their own and completely erase the people associated with its origins. Of course non-blacks can practice the Afro-Brazilian […]

Open Carry Texas, a gun rights advocacy group, announced that they have scheduled their march through the Fifth Ward in Houston. The march, which was initially scheduled for Juneteenth but postponed at the last minute, will feature open-carry enthusiasts marching through the streets of the predominantly black Houston neighborhood carrying long assault rifles.Open Carry Texas […]

APNS /North America [07.09.2014] — The Aboriginal News Group with deep regret wishes to announce that our dear Brother and ANG co-founder and African Bureau-chief, Dr. Ridwan Laher Nytagodien Ph.D. has transitioned and joined with his ancestors on Wednesday, the 2nd of July, 2014. The late Dr. Laher – a citizen of the Republic of…

Although slavery was abolished in Argentina in 1813, many Afro-Argentine were still held as slaves. Emancipation was promised to those who fought in Argentina’s wars. Most African men signed up with hopes of winning their freedom. They were sent to the frontlines. Most perished while fighting for a country that did not recognize their rights.Until […]

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Treyvon Martin In Post Racial America by vagabond © A Post Racial Fraction Macedonia Church Of God in Christ Oscar Grant Ramarley Graham James Anderson Raul Flores Bresenia Flores Osama Obama Shotgun Pool Michael Nida Henry Louis Gates Jose Osvaldo Sucuzhañay Anthony Hill Niggerhead Beth Humphery & Terence McKay Alie Kamara…

Rabbi patrols Israeli town to drive away Africans: videoSubmitted by Ali Abunimah on Wed, 09/11/2013 – 14:07Campaign For A Jew-Only SderotWhen Senator Barack Obama visited the Israeli town of Sderot, as part of his presidential election campaign in June 2008, he received an enthusiastic welcome despite the fact that his father was from Kenya.But migrants, […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ANG Condemns ‘Operation Protective Edge’ as an Act of Anti-Palestinian Genocide ANG / The Fourth World / 07.11.2014 — The editors of the Aboriginal News Group (ANG) demand a complete end to the State of Israel’s recent act of colonial desperation codenamed, ‘Operation Protective Edge‘ and an immediate de-escalation to all hostilities…

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Mise à jour : Aurélien Verhassel a supprimé la vidéo compromettante de son compte Vine, en voici une sauvegarde : http://videobam.com/Qxwog L’Action Antifasciste Nord a relevé une vidéo pour le moins explicite publiée sur le compte Vine de Aurélien Verhassel, le très médiatisé porte-parole de Génération Identitaire Flandre Artois…

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A little more about Camp and Ray supported by various excerpts, one of which is related to the adoring propaganda piece for AIM created by PBS. This blog, as does other blogs, has numerous references to Camp’s contradictory statements related to the murder of Perry Ray Robinson Jr. –…

In the clip, Dash says Black America is “the most retarded culture in the world,” for not sticking together. He discusses how slavery has perpetuated the cultural belief that when a person is successful, they can not share that success for fear of losing it. “For some reason, when Black people get something, they think […]

In 1994, when Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray published The Bell Curve, a book espousing the so-called “academic racist” theories that black people are inherently less intelligent and more prone to crime than whites or Asians, the New York Times Book Review 10/16/94 published a fawning, credulous review by Times science reporter Malcolm Browne.The Times […]

“Mob violence against African-Americans served four functions within southern society during the lynching era: to eradicate specific persons accused of crimes against the white community; as a mechanism of state-sanctioned terrorism designed to maintain a degree of leverage over the African-American population; to eliminate or neutralize competitors for social, economic, or political rewards; and as […]

This, for the purpose of this celebration, is the Fourth of July. It is the birth day of your National Independence, and of your political freedom. This, to you, as what the Passover was to the emancipated people of God. It carries your minds back to the day, and to the act of your great […]

Every December 5th the Dutch celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’, a feast rooted in Middle Age folklore. The legend goes that Saint Nicholas travels from Spain in the Netherlands every year with his steamboat to reward the children who have behaved well with presents and punish those who have behaved naughty. The old, wise and kind white saint […]

“Although Sun Ra had links to the masons,” says Cherry, “there’s no evidence that he was ever a member of a particular Prince Hall lodge.” Cherry thinks it likely that Sun Ra was a member of a fraternal order called the Knights of Pythias, another secretive organisation who meet in lodges, and who also claim […]


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